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Cgiproxy 2.1beta18
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Remove all cookies (except certain proxy cookies) Remove all scripts (recommended for anonymity) Remove Cgiproxy 2.1beta18 ads Hide referrer information Show URL entry form

James Marshall released CGIProxy 2.1beta18 Cgiproxy 2.1beta18 . Here is relevant portion from the changelog: 2.1beta18, released August 10, 2008: -----

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Do you know about CGI proxy? CGI proxy is one of the most proxy server which can be used for different purpose and therefore many proxy users started using cgi proxy .

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An anonymizing, filter-bypassing, HTTP/FTP proxy in a CGI script.

Hi Aprelium people-- Has anyone installed nph.proxy in Aprelium successfully? It is a simple, 1 page script you can find at:

To Install To run this, your server must support Non-Parsed Header (NPH) CGI scripts. Most servers do, but not all. (Starting in version 1.3.2, there may be a way to .

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Coding Never Felt So Right . The most famous tool that can can be called Cgiproxy 2.1beta18 as

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CGIProxy. Start browsing through this CGI-based proxy by entering a URL below. Only HTTP and FTP URLs are supported. Not all functions will work (e.g. some Java



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